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I believe in giving the public all available information so that individuals can make informed and responsible choices. The government’s job is not to dictate how one lives their life, its job is to move aside and let the people tell its elected officials how to govern.

We the voting public hold the power, not Albany.




Eliminate state overreach into our homes – A return to classic education, from Math to Science, History to English, & Art to Music. No politics, no CRT, DBT, or oversexualization agendas. Parents & school boards are to decide what belongs in curriculums, not government officials & overzealous administrators.


Support Law Enforcement – Give judges the power to impose bail & repeal the current no cash bail debacle and all its ill effects.


Return the power to the people - The Governor has gone unchecked & the executive office does not have the power to enact edicts, giving administrative offices power to enforce unconstitutional laws. Repeal all executive orders.


Term Limits – There has been much talk and no action to introduce term limits in Albany. Limit the governor to two 4-year terms and state legislators to no more than six, 2-year terms


Voter ID – An overwhelming majority of Americans support voter ID. The right to vote is a sacred responsibility that has been watered down by Albany.


End the Albany Dynasty - New York needs to open primaries to allow independent and unaffiliated voters to participate in primary elections. With more options we have a better government.

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